Energy kitchen

Tasty Development

Energy Kitchen GmbH (Energy Kitchen) is a Project Developer and Service Provider in the field of Renewable Energies, founded in 2016. Energy Kitchen knows the most important ingredients for a successfull project development: The best wind and solar ressources, a bankable land securing, a finalized permitting and grid connection planning and to have always an eye on the commercial feasability of the project. But to make a recipe work, not only the right ingrediants are important. The Kitchen Team has to be rehearsed, all members need to trust eachother and to round it up they need to work on the same goal. All that, Energy Kitchen can offer, with its familiar team of Business Engineers and Merchants.

Easier than the international cuisine is the worldwide project development. Whereas German recipes and ingrediants can’t possibly be compared with the ones in Japan or Cuba, the international project development has always the same basic recipe, to realize wind or solar projects. Energy Kitchen with its experienced, international team is the perfect partner and offers the worldwide collected Know-how from more than a decate as a Service for you. So now allow this to melt in your mouth and contact us for an individual meeting. We are happy to check if we could be your salt in the soup and prepare an offer.

Our Team

and how it all started...

We first met in 2009 and worked together as employees of Innovative Wind Concepts GmbH, a daughter company of Siemens Project Ventures GmbH and WKN GmbH, where we had been responsible for the technical and commercial project development of wind and photovoltaic projects in Bulgaria, Romania and Chile. The permitted MWs welded us together and we began to aspire to more. In parallel to the development, projects in the field of wind and solar had been evaluated, tender documentation was prepared for projects in Namibia and markets as Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia Herzegovina, Morocco, the Netherlands and many more had been verified. From 2014 we were responsible for WKN GmbH projects in Italy and France where we gained additional experience in international project development and sales.

In all those years we have never lost our enthusiasm and passion for Renewable Energies. So our recipe books have now been bound together and the result is a thick reference book of experience, energy and motivation. In addition we speak not only German and English, but also Spanish and Portuguese!


The Energykitchen

What's that name? Why this whole thing?


Energy is a big part of the team spirit, especially the motivation for the actual cause, to provide the world with more green energy and support as much countries as possible, if they decide: No more conventional energy sources as nuclear or coal, but regenerative alternatives. Energy you also see in the whole industry of Renewables, which is facing big changes, going from feed-in tariffs to tender systems and many other new challanges. This pot is boiling…not only in Germany. Therefore we want to promote risk diversification and want to show all market players, to secure more than one base for their business. Look in different markets, secure chances and not bet on only one or a few market/s and technology/-ies. Nevertheless you don’t need to build up internal structures for each and every new market or project you want to take a closere look on…Energy Kitchen can help you out.


Our Experience

in international project development