Our Offer for you

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1. Site Selection / Land Securing

We help you in finding the most suitable sites for your wind or photovoltaic park. After that we also take care to organize the needed bankable contracts and also the negotiations and signings.

2. Permitting

We organize the project beginning with the submission, to the fitting environmental permit up to the building permit and coordinate the communication with experts, authorities and other stakeholders.

3. Micrositing/ Technichal Planning

We evaluate all influence factors, as legal and country specific constraints, land availability, the wind direction, the fitting turbine respectively PV module, the access and internal road project, the grid connection and all other criteria which are possibly relevant for the site, to set up an optimized layout. Also the support throughout the whole project development phase, to ensure a continous optimization and quick adjustment to all accuring situations within the development is part of our service portfolio.

4. Sales

For the Sale of your project or project portfolio we can support you with the following:

  • Creation of a clear Sharepoint
  • Check of Project Documentation
  • Internal Red-Flag Due Diligence, Request of Legal Opinions on critical project issues
  • Preparation of Investor List, Investor Research
  • Preparation of Teasers and Information Memorandum
  • Support in Financing / Request of Financing Offers

5. Project Evaluations

Either for your first or next project purchase, we offer a general Red-Flag Due Diligence, we can support the purchase and if needed take over project issues and solve to ensure a ready-to-build status for the project.

6. Market Research / Organisation Market Entry

If you have all the opportunities of the world, but you don’t know exactly where you should start with, we help. We offer market research of countries your choise and evaluate their feasability for Renewable Energies. And also give you market recommendations, where it would make sense to spend more time in the near future.

7. Contract Management

We offer the organisation and structuring of your project and company documents either from a single SPV (Special Purpose Vehicle) or your whole project portfolio. Because in the longterm project development it is essential to take care of your documents and how you store the originals. Since the whole project value, over many years, is a bunch of A4 notes and maps.